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What is Lacrosse?


So, you want to know what lacrosse is all about. Check out the video to the left entitled, This Is Lacrosse. It sums up what you can expect as a lacrosse player. You'll see the finesse, skill, speed and athleticism lacrosse warriors are known for. The video demonstrates one more thing - how tricky lacrosse players can be with the ball and stick. ENJOY!


Did you know lacrosse is one of the oldest sports in North America? The game was played by Native Americans before early settlers from Europe arrived. For the Native American culture, lacrosse represented much more than a game. It was a spiritual connection. The game started with wooden sticks and has evolved into one of the fastest growing sports in our country. Lacrosse boasts a deep and rich history. In fact it goes so far back, it can't be definitively determined who actually invented the sport. Take a moment to learn more about the history of the Warriors Game. Visit the US Lacrosse website for a more detailed history of the game!

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